Monday, May 5, 2014

Episode #11- Let's learn English in the world of Web.2.0.

            I will teach an English course from 4/30~6/4  with a course title of Let’s learn English in the world of Web2.0. in the Light of Love Mission Church(LOLMC). I am very happy to have a chance to get back to the church what I have owed since I came to LOLMC.
            First of all, I have to think of why I want to teach English in the church. What made me think of teaching? I come upon many ideas of what my close deaconesses have said to me with the fact that they are eager to learn English. Though they have lived in U.S for more than 10 or more so, their level of English ceased as there have been rare opportunity for them to learn English unexpectedly.
Most of them have inferiority complex of English. The population in the church consists of Korean immigrant. I am not sure of that what percentage of 1st generation, and what percentage of 2nd or 3rd to 4th generation takes charge of the church, but I came to know the first Korean generation who I know has difficulty in communicating in real society. Most of them appeal to stress, kind of pain, inferiority, frustration, but eagerness to learn English. They had lost chances to learn English at the beginning of their immigrant due to the childcare, household duties, and financial difficulty,
Another obstacle they have for language learning is lack of motivation.
They think they don’t’ need to try to learn English any more as even though they live in U.S., they live in the limited society of Korean community without big difficulties.

This is my challenge!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Episode #10 - My country

     One and a half year has passed since I left Seoul with my two kids.
     So I am in the state of excitement in the fact that I am going to Korea for two months as soon as I finish this quarter.
     On the other hand, as after I go to Korea, I have plan to deal with some part of work in my language institute, I am a little worried about coming back again after two months.  Because according to my character, if I did not know about the situation well, I could ignore it, but if I came to know it, it would seem hard for me to leave Seoul ignoring it with a lot of work undone.
     Half happy, half worry...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Episode #9 - 'Respect' Culture

     My elder girl prepared the 'magic show' for Talent show in her elementary school last year when she was in the third grade.
     Honestly, I did not want her to prepare the magic for the talent show. Because I thought that she was better at dancing or playing the piano than doing magic.  It was only two months that she had  taken magic class when she was in Korea. In addition, it was hard for me to help her do well in doing magic,which I didn't know, as I was busy at that time.
    In the end, she did magic on Talent show.
    The result was big failure....
    The background music stopped while my girl was performing magic, she was so embarrassed that she forgot the next magic, and she managed to end her magic, crying.
    Unexpectedly, however, the audience gave her a big hand and after she came down back to my seat, people next to me praised her.  If she had been in Korea, she could have been teased by her friends.
    I felt and learnt 'respect' culture in America.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Episode #8 - Disposable stuff

   Paper bags, paper towels, ziploc bags, swiffers, paper plates......I am not unfamiliar with using disposable stuff any more in America.
   On my little girl's first field trip in the kindergarten, I used the pretty plastic box for her lunch as just I did in Korea.
   However, I was embarrassed to see her lunch untouched opening the box to wash.  My girl told me  that chaperone moms collected only kids' paper bags, they got on the bus with their backpack left in the classroom, so she should share her lunch with her teacher.  :(
   Though as my girl couldn't speak English, that kind of accident happened, the problem was  that I didn't know the paper bag written in the letter referred to lunch.
   Since then, I have realized that disposable stuff accounts for a great deal amount of American life.
   Most Korean hesitate to use disposable stuff, even some people including me in the past feel guilty using them.
   Me in the present?  I am struggling not to use them, but I find it hard, as 'convenience' goes to 'addiction' easily.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Episode #7 - Culture Difference

     My little daughter is a type of girl who sticks to stuff she likes and makes it the habit of sucking her thumb. Still, I cannot throw her favorite pillow cover and shoes away which have already worn away.
     It was time for my little girl to go to kindergarten as soon as we got to America. I had warned her to stop sucking her thumb before she went to kindergarten. Though she got stressed, I didn't want her to get teased by her friends due to her habit.
     However, it was not long before I came to know three girls in her classroom had  the same habits of sucking thumbs; one girl among them even carried her piece of blanket she used:)
     In addition, any of their moms didn't seem to care about it, and any kids didn't tease them with their habits. So my girl came to suck her thumb again.   
     Most Korean parents tend to restrict their kids' behavior strictly judging from their thought, but now I have no idea of what is wrong and whis is right.
     I just follow the old saying:
     "When in Rome, do as the Romans do"

Episode #6 - Misconception

      Whenever I imagined the character of Americans, I always come upon idea of adjectives such as brave, aggresive, outgoing, extrovert, and so on.
      So, I worried about my little daughter a lot before I got to America, because I thought that she was so shy that it took a long time for her to adjust a new environment and new people, she would be the only girl not to say a word in her classroom., and then she would be seperated with others.
   However, unexpectedly I have encountered  several kids and people who were as shy as or  more than my kid;  In the end, people are  similar all over the world.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Episode #5 - Good Luck "Love"

     Honestly I cannot say I am a real Christian, as just one year and a few months has passed since I started to go to church, and I don't  have strong belief in God as yet.
     However, I could say I have, at least, realized the principle of  Jesus' love now, thanks to which, I have gotten refreshed from the bottom of my mind, and had chances to look back my love toward my family or those who I am close to. Even if I am sorry that I came to know about the God too late, it should be fortune I got in USA.......